Therapy for Early Parenting

Over the past twenty years I have grown increasingly devoted to helping individuals and couples to deal with the anxiety and find the joy in early parenting.  I have assisted  many clients as they negotiate the into the highs and lows that come with this new role. I’ve been there during their successes, their gratifying parenting moments and I’ve guided them through their confidence wobbles and relationship hurdles.

Having raised three children of my own, I understand the value of having a chance to unburden yourself and find relief in the emotional support  of a mental health professional. I offer a space for you to focus on your own unique experience without feeling judged. As well as a chance to be heard in a way that helps you identify your feelings and link them to behaviour as well as finding the meaning in what is happening in your life.

Together we can work to help you to gain a deeper insight into yourself and your partner. Finally, I am here to gently guide you towards finding practical solutions to your difficulties as well as to process any childhood issues that may be triggered by your new parenting role.

In essence I hope to easy your transition into parenting allowing you to be there for you children and live your best life.


  • Sleep deprivation and exhaustion
  • No time for me/my partner
  • Lack of stimulation in home environment
  • Overwhelmed by constant demands
  • Physical intimacy issues
  • Difficulty bonding with my baby
  • Fear of failing as a parent
  • Increased conflict in the relationship
  • Coping with new parenting roles
  • Returning to work

To book a therapy session with me, sms or call me on 082 690 5368.