My approach to therapy

I believe that therapy is one of the best forms of higher education you can find. Engaging in therapy is a professional way to grow personally and emotionally in a healing way that restores you to your natural personality.

I do not have a cut and paste approach to my clients, I see each person as an individual and tailor my therapeutic approach to what fits you best. I see my role as a guide along your journey, caring for you and helping you to look at different possible routes to take,  but ultimately you choose where we will go together.I use an eclectic approach, combining different techniques and models of change. This is based on what I feel will best assist my clients to reach their therapeutic goals.

I focus on providing a respectful, safe space in which you can explore your own unique feelings and perspectives and use therapy to restore your balance.

I aim to create an environment where you feel safe and secure. It’s impossible to let yourself be vulnerable if you feel judged. That’s why it is so important to me that you feel accepted, free from judgement and comfortable that all your thoughts and feelings can be shared and heard.

By focusing on the psychological and emotional wellbeing of yourself/ and your partner, I am to help you to:

  • feel accepted and develop trust in dealing with sensitive concerns
  • balance the positives and negatives both personally and within your situation
  • gain clarity and new perspectives

To book a therapy session with me, call or sms 082 690 5368.